What Happens If I Fail?



So, here’s an article I had to write for school that I figured I would share with you guys because throughout life everyone goes through failure. Therefore, it’s important to remember that we can grow from that.

Starting off, if I was being honest I should probably mention that up until this moment in my life, every situation has been fairly easy in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of bullying, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. Yet, nothing could compare to the night on February 26th, of 2014 at around 7 pm, when my dad was emitted to the ER. He had been having severe pains in his stomach for almost two weeks and thought it was the stomach flu because my mom had also been sick at the time. Turns out, he had a perforated colon, diverticulitis, and a bacterial infection. Add in, the fact that he had barely eaten anything for the past two weeks and now had to get three surgeries, made him a little grumpy to say the least.
Now, here’s where the story gets a little more interesting: Because he is the sole proprietor of his own boat rental company, I was then forced to take over the family business and if you know me, you would know I’m quite a passive, kind, and timid human being. Not at all someone who is decisive or assertive in the least. Plus, I had to divert all his business calls to my cell phone. Honestly, that first week I performed miserably. A boat broke down, someone took apart the canopy on the top and lost the pins to reconnect it, a driver ran into the dock and scratched up the boat, a person got lost on the water and therefore ran aground(had the prop of the engine stuck in the sand), and I couldn’t void a sale on the credit card machine so I ended up giving someone a free rental. That week was very interesting, to say the least.
Inevitably though, despite my complete failure of that first week on the job, I learned some valuable information. For one, I now had all the cell phone numbers of my dad’s mechanic friends that were willing to help me anytime I need it. Not to mention, I learned how to change the oil on a boat, how to put in more hydraulic steering fluid, how to work a boat GPS, how to properly drive a boat, how to work a credit card machine, how to redirect a phone and know the tides of the water, and how to change a battery or check the bilge pump. Along with, being more comfortably being independent, learning how to be assertive, and have conversations with tons of people you’ve just met. My original Circle of Mastery was just to get through each day doing the business and it ended up growing into becoming the assistant manager of a professional LLC. So, despite my failure I’d had to say I also succeeded. I mean, just by growing as a person through making mistakes has been a major accomplishment for me. I can now truly say I’ve “learned something new everyday.”
Overall, I’d have to say that both my Circle of Mastery and Circle of Growth improved tremendously and if I never would have tried, I never would have failed but I also would have anything to show for me time and mistakes. It’s important to remember that part of life is failing, not succeeding. Because when we accomplish a task we thought was impossible, it’s human nature to then stop trying as hard because we’ve already achieved what we wanted to….Yet, when we fail it can ultimately be that driving force pushing us to go further and not give up. So, what happens if I fail? I still have the opportunity to succeed.


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